Home Again

  • Posted on July 3, 2010 at 8:53 pm
Home again.
I’ve been in Montana for a week, and I enjoyed the time I was given there.
Time for God and myself…and a few new challenges.
I met new friends.
Refocused and refreshed.
Yet, I am glad to be home again.
To see familiar sights and smell comforting smells.
To be with those I love and miss…
And at the same time wish I had been given more time to know 
Those I had begun to understand and love.
But Papa knows when we will meet again. 
If not on Earth, 
Then one day in Heaven.


pictures are from http://glacierbiblecamp.org/index.php?nid=55677&s=hm

The back/kitchen entrance for the lodge I stayed in with the worship team.


The front side of the lodge I stayed at last week.

The side entrance of the Tabernacle, where the worship and teaching sessions are held.

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