• Posted on August 22, 2012 at 6:34 pm

How else to escape it but to praise?
To praise God for all He is?
For all I am and will be?
To count my blessings…
To realize that hope is found in small things…
These odd moments savored. 
Not overlooked, though smothered in darkness,
As I struggle to survive.
Energy gone, drained.
Hope kissing my soul, distantly, tenderly.
No light seeming to penetrate the gloom except in brief rays.
To quickly swallowed, not absorbed,
Because of the armor I’ve put up against the world.
Even God sometimes.
He has not removed His hand,
He cradles me.
Depression, flee from me!
I will still praise Him.
Encourage me, my Lord.
Set my feet where angels tread.
Clear my mind and kiss my hurts.
Only then will I be whole.
Only then will  I live again.

3 Comments on Depression

  1. Elizabeth Ivory says:

    Momma…I love you. <3 😉

  2. Momma Cha says:

    Life can be so hard My Dear, and oftentimes we do not understand the ways of GOD and man. Where the difference lies is in the surety that although we sometimes see through a murky mirror God’s hand and Spirit are always with us to hold us up. Chin up and have the peace that passes all understanding–basking in the warmth and knowledge of Christ’s love…

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