Walk Through it All by Chaelwest

  • Posted on October 24, 2012 at 3:14 pm

Admist it all, through pain and joys

The falseness that my heart deplores

When other’s words seem far too strong

And relief from pain seems Oh so long

I trust in an unswerving Source

Who walks me through it all…


When darkness grabs my burdened soul

When unkindnesses wax much too old

He holds me safe within the fold…

A guiding shepherd with His crook

With loving smile; with tender look

He walks me through it all…


I’m Blessed to have a Savior who

Sees all my faults and sins brand new

Yet gives me love so sweetly to

Proclaim His Truth for all to see

Provides new birth for you and me

And walks me through it all…


Savior, Jesus, LORD Divine

You bear my pain, my heart doth shine

With power sent from up above

With certainty that in your love

Despite the pain, and sorrow’s wall

Because you triumphed o’er The Fall

I’ll walk straight through it all…


credit: chaelwest @Ivoryland





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