Autumn Embraced by Charlene Kirst

  • Posted on October 6, 2013 at 7:46 pm

Gazing at the leaves beginning to turn
The russets and golds; the crimsons that burn
With a fire that can’t be put out
Let’s embrace the autumn with a cheer and a shout.

Great trees like lollipops sway in the breeze
As I gaze at their colors they give my heart ease
They’re symbolic of change in the air and my heart
Let’s embrace the autumn; let’s embrace a new start.

Watching the fat squirrels gathering loot
Searching my closet for snug and warm boots
Curling up close to the warmth with a book
Let’s embrace the autumn while safe in our nook, and…

As winter approaches on autumn’s hued heels
To snuggle with loved ones is just what I feel
Would do us all good if we could only try
To embrace the autumn as it passes by.



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Credit: Autumn Embraced ©2013 by Charlene Kirst

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