About IvoryLand

IvoryLand is primarily a place for myself and others to share ideas and information.
All I ask is that everyone treat one another with respect: no cursing, name-calling, bashing, or content unsuitable for those under¬†thirteen, pretty please, my dears…
Also, any written content I have posted on this site that does not have a copyright attached or a source credit is my original work, so please ask permission if you wish to use anything.

Thank you and God’s p
eace to you, 

2 Comments on About IvoryLand

  1. Julie Miller says:

    Liz, You are deep, a deep thinker. Your words have purpose. Your goals are achievable. You carry others in your heart, in your soul. You carry thoughts in your heart- sometimes the words stay there-just for alittle while.God Bless ya kid, Julie Miller

    • Elizabeth Ivory says:

      Thanks, Julie. God bless you too.
      Please pray for me–I am in labor of a sorts…birthing what is within my belly. I’m not fully sure what I’m bringing into the world yet, but has been a long delivery so far. Yet light is showing at the end of the tunnel…so close!
      Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!

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